July: Connection

The poem I shared in May ends with, “we are all just stars that have people names.” Therefore, I used it to cultivate the intention of inner light. This poem however also sparked the intention of connection. As it goes on to say, “we have calcium in our bones, iron in our brains..” the elements that make up our incredible human body are elements that make up the entire world around us. We are all connected.

I believe that power comes from both connection and knowledge. When we connect with one another, magic happens. Conflict is easier to solve, ideas are created and support is built. A connection is powerful among people, plants, and animals. What about connection within ourselves?

We constantly give energy and it is draining. I have realized the importance of recharging beyond the eight or so hours of sleep each night. Yoga is one of the best ways to connect with yourself. You will learn breathing techniques to recharge anywhere you are.

My favorite pose to connect internally is Supta Baddha Konasana.
First, lie on your back. Then place the soles of your feet to touch, so your legs are butterflied out wide. Place one hand at your heart and one on your belly. See what comes up here.


May & June: The Flow

I am sure you have heard, “go with the flow.” Maybe when you were too focused on something you could not control. To go with the flow means to allow nature to take its course. If there is no flow or movement, we end up in a stagnant place. Think about a body of water that has no flow of water, like a swamp. There are bacteria and awful smells. With that being said, we need flow in our lives. This flow is made up of what we cannot control, which is very broad. Let’s think about what we do have control over. Our thoughts and actions. If we strive to have constructive thoughts and actions, we can leave the rest up to the flow. A great way to physically feel this is to move one breath to one movement, typically in a sun salutation. In a power vinyasa yoga class, you will have the opportunity to experience this.



April: Inner light

Think about this, the spring season brings us longer days. Which means, we are exposed to more light and growth and movement occur in the world around us. We begin to shed off our layers and awaken from our winter mindset. It is truly incredible what more light of the day can offer us. The arrival of spring has inspired this months theme, inner light. If we cultivate and shine our inner light, how can we move and grow? This light can be any size or color and maybe it changes from day to day. Maybe you feel and see it in specific places like your heart space or your belly, or also known as your heart chakra or sacral chakra. I encourage you to explore tuning in within. How you can do this is:

  • Lay with your legs and arms out wide, or sit in a comfortable position

close your eyes

  • Take a deep inhale through your nose, fill up. You should feel your breath in your belly, throat, and shoulders.
  • Let your breath go, loud audible exhale.

Repeat this until you feel grounded and present. You can focus on how your breath moves in and out of your body and focus on every part of you that is touching the stable ground underneath you.

It is natural for random thoughts to pass through your mind. Acknowledge them with no judgment and then let them pass.

  • Continue to breathe in and out of your nose
  • Feel your light, imagine your light, let it shine through and carry it with you.

I really love this poem (to the right) by Nikita Gill in her book ‘Your Soul is a River”