May: The Flow

“Go with the flow”

What does that sentence mean to you? Can you think of a time that someone told you this, or maybe when you told yourself this? It seems as if when we get caught up in ‘the’ plan a feeling of worry or anxiety follows. This is because our minds are caught up in the future. Admist graduating college, being in various interview processes and navigating daily unexpected changes, I have been thinking a lot about the flow.


April: Inner light

Spring brings us longer days. Which means, we are exposed to more light and growth and movement occur in the world around us. We begin to shed off our layers and awaken from our winter mindset. It is truly incredible what more light of the day can offer us. This has inspired this months theme, inner light. If we cultivate and shine our inner light, how can we move and grow? This light can be any size or color and maybe it changes from day to day. Maybe you feel and see it in specific places like your heart space or your belly, or also known as your heart chakra or sacral chakra. I encourage you to explore tuning in within. How you can do this is:

lay with your legs and arms out wide, or sit in a comfortable position

close your eyes

take a deep inhale through your nose, fill up. Then hold you’re breathing and take in one more sip of air. You should feel your breath in your belly, throat, and shoulders.

Let your breath go, loud audible exhale.

Repeat this until you feel grounded and present. You can focus on how your breath moves in and out of your body and focus on every part of you that is touching the stable ground underneath you.

It is natural for random thoughts to pass through your mind. Acknowledge them with no judgment and then let them pass.

Continue to breathe in and out of your nose

Feel your light, imagine your light, let it shine through and carry it with you.

I really love this poem by Nikita Gill in her book ‘Your Soul is a River”