Welcome to The Peachiest

Hi, I am Krissi Karren and this is The Peachiest. This is a space of yoga and environmental research. As well as a photography section that displays my life (and various projects) through the eye of a lens. A Sony NEX- 5R lense to be specific. As much as I love to write, I believe a picture is worth one- thousand words.

It’s Lovely to Meet You

First, let’s talk about yoga. I teach an intro to power vinyasa yoga at the Foothill CorePower at 3:30 on Friday’s and at 6:30 pm on Saturday’s at the Trolley Square studio. Each month I focus on a personal intention and theme my classes around this intention. I think of these intentions almost as a challenge. I invite my students to cultivate these thoughts and intentions off and on their mats while I am also challenging myself to do the same. You can discover my thoughts on the yoga page.To find more details about my yoga background, check out my about page.

In addition to yoga, I love environmental research. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications from the University of Utah. My studies included journalism. I decided to narrow my journalistic passion to environmental research, which you can explore in the environmental research page.

I write all of my own content and take all my own pictures unless stated otherwise.